Shop till you Drop

Oh my God I have never shopped so much in my entire life as I have today. I think I spent more time shopping today than I did when looking for my wedding dress. As a matter of fact I know I did. I met up with my friend Renee on Melrose for a day of wardrobe shopping. She is one of the two adorable stylists on Craft Lab and also worked with the Austin Craft Mafia on Stylelicious.

First we started on Melrose. All those little stores kind of have the same stuff over and over. I did however get some cute and interesting things at Slow and Wasteland. We had some yummy tacos at Antonios and there are some blue boots and red snake skin jefferey Campbell shoes I think I may HAVE to go back and get down there.

After Melrose we hit some random mall and a Forever 21. Lets keep in mind my quest here. I need 65 outfits for 65 shows. All of which have to look good on camera and have to cover my arm full of tattoos. So this is harder than it sounds. I think we corned the market on blazers.

After the mall we went to Loehmans. I remember this store as a kid because the dressing room is one big room where everyone gets undressed in front of everyone else. As a child I remember going to this store with my mother always freaked me out a little bit. I did manage to get several cute things here. They have a lot of good clothing.

We talked of hitting The Grove, but I just did not have the will power. I have jewelry in a store there called Duck Soup I am excited to visit in person.

After the shopping extravaganza we went back to Rene’s for a couple of beers and Chinese take out. I am still on Texas time so I headed back early for some shut eye.

Today was a fun day. Getting to toot around LA and just getting out was nice. I am hoping the other stylist Jane calls tomorrow for more fun. If not I am going to go to the Melrose Fairfax flea market where I always manage to score goodies when I am in town.

Back home Chris rawked out with PJ. Natlaie held down the jewelry fort. The producers were calling me worried because not enough people showed up the Work Shop to film field pieces for the show. Whoopsie.

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