Aug 25, 2016

10 DIY Ideas for Back to School

Back to School is here!  Some people are jumping for joy, others are missing their kids all day and then there are people like me that are just excited to have a theme to decorate and craft for.  Ok there…
Aug 22, 2016

Let’s Get Flaired Up Together in Dallas

How to style a jean jacket.
How is your pin game?  Mine is pretty on point these days if I do say so.  I’m not all enamel pins all the time instead I’m a patch from World Famous Original, vintage brooch and needle punch applique from…
Aug 20, 2016

Easy and Adorable DIY Lemon Slice Coasters

Easy DIY lemon slice coasters.
Happy National Lemonade Day!  Do you prefer your’s pink, plain or spiked?  Any which way you drink it, a tall glass will always taste that much sweeter on a DIY Lemon Coaster.  Trust me, I know from experience.  This post…
Aug 14, 2016

Boho Face Planter DIY with Air Dry Clay

I love ceramics and pottery.  Add it to my never ending list of crafts I want to conquer (I did take a 6 week class in hand building).  The idea of a kiln, wheel or renting studio space seems a…
Aug 09, 2016

How to Makeover Your Bathroom for Under $200

Bathroom Makeover for Under $200
My master bathroom was a sad state of fairs until Tuesday Morning got involved (Sponsored: This is a sponsored post – but seriously my bathroom needed help).  So anyway, ya my bathroom was U-G-L-Y it ain’t got no alibi.  I…
Aug 04, 2016

DIY Day-Glo Necklace Display

Necklace Holder DIY
Do you wear black velvet?  Me neither.  Seemed silly to hang my necklaces on black velvet busts.  Sure I get the whole point that your jewelry pops off the solid color, but I’m a pattern on pattern kinda gal.  Have…
Aug 03, 2016

Easy DIY Paper Mache’ Bowls

How to make a paper mache bowl.
Happy National Watermelon Day!  How are you celebrating?  Think I will hit the grocery store in a bit and grab myself a big juicy one.  Craft wise, maybe I’ll make some more of the adorable and easy paper-mache’ watermelon bowls.  …