Sep 30, 2014

My Top Tips for Throwing the Perfect Party


All fall long you listen to me blather on and on about my annual Halloween party and all the decorations and baking that go along with it.  Want to know some of my VERY FAVORITE party throwing tips?  These…

Sep 25, 2014

Using Blue in Your Halloween Decor

A Halloween tinsel tree adds a touch of blue.

What is a ghost’s favorite color?  Boo! Blue is quickly becoming one of my favorite Halloween colors too.  Not say royal, sky or navy so much as teal.  Done right blue green can fit in with your more traditional…

Sep 23, 2014

DIY Dia de los Muertos Inspired String Lights

How to make day of the dead string lights.

You all know I love Halloween, but did you also know I love Dia de los Muertos?  It all started when I met my good friend Kathy Cano Murillo a million years ago filming a TV show called…

Sep 22, 2014

How to Plant a Pineapple and Make a Matching Planter

How to make a pineapple planter with a pineapple plant.

Summer is almost over, but let those memories carry on with your very own pineapple plant.  Not just a plant, a matching pineapple planter.  Pineapples were the hot summer design trend. Don’t believe me? Check my Pinterest.  When the…

Sep 13, 2014

Easy Bedroom DIY Ideas


When I got a tufted headboard I pretty much immediately decided it was not my style.  Instead of heading to Craig’s List I opted to update the buttons with a facelift.  Enter a vintage Hawaiian muumuu, button covering kit…

Sep 11, 2014

Five DIY Ideas For Making Paper Beads and Jewelry


Tallulah is quite the artist.  She is constantly drawing, painting, coloring – you name it.  This leaves a parent in a conundrum: what do I do with all this ‘art’.  Most times I can’t bring myself to throw…

Sep 10, 2014

Photo Posters – Sharing Your Halloween Pictures


  I take a lot of pictures at Halloween.  Oh who am I kidding, I take a lot of pictures period.  However I go to excess for my annual Halloween party.  As I mentioned with my post about…